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"Helping individuals with neuromusculoskeletal disability"

 Orthos Orthopaedic Solutions Inc. is a full services orthotic facility in New Westminster, B.C. (established in 2011) offering innovative patient-focused orthotic solutions for both upper and lower extremities to both children and adults. We work closely with clients, their physicians, and therapists to provide orthoses to enhance function and quality of life. 

About Orthos

 Orthos is located in New Westminster, and is owned by Lisa Bennett, BHK, CO(c), a Canadian Certified Orthotist with a bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. She completed the Clinical Methods of Prosthetics and Orthotics program at George Brown College in Toronto. Following graduation in 2001, Lisa completed her residency in Surrey with a focus on pediatrics. She has been involved with the profession nationally, serving as the scientific chair for the 2006 conference in Kelowna, and provincially as a former vice-president and secretary of the Prosthetics and Orthotics Association of BC.Lisa has an extensive athletic background. She served as an athletic trainer for North Shore Indians and Okanagan Thunder Senior A Mens Lacrosse for many years, as well as playing varsity basketball and being part of the crew for UBC Rowing.Lisa enjoys the challenge of meeting the dynamic needs of children and those with neuromuscular challanges. She is an active member of the clinical team with innovative ideas.She is an active member of the clinical team with innovative solutions who works closely with orthopaedic surgeons, physicians, and therapists to provide customized treatment plans to meet patients needs and provide optimal orthotic and bracing outcomes.When not at work, Lisa enjoys skiing, climbing and spending time with her family. 

Orthotic Services

 We work with the client and their team to provide an individualized orthotic treatment plan. Examples of some of the orthoses (braces) we design are featured below. 

How We Help

Ankle Foot Orthoses

  Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) are braces that provide support around the ankle, in addition to having an influence on the knee. They are commonly used to treat conditions causing weakness or spasticity around the ankle. They are usually fabricated in our on-site lab and may be rigid, articulated, flexible, or dynamic. Individual characteristics of the braces such as strapping are individually designed to meet the goals of the client. 

Foot orthoses

 Foot orthoses may be functional, designed to improve joint motion and position, or accommodative with the primary goal of altering pressure distribution. They are often used to improve patient's function, reduce pain, or prevent progression of deformity. Some types of foot orthoses include UCBL, rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible. 

Pediatric - Hip Orthoses

 Hip Orthoses include commonly used pavlik harnesses as hip abduction braces. Both of these devices are used to manage developmental dysplasia of the developing hips. 

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